Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show 2012

With the help of many great volunteers, we were able to put on a spectacular demonstration at the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show, 2012.  Our friends at Oklahoma Machine Guns bought out several of their toys, including a recon tank and factory original military humvee.  Degroat Tactical Armament came out with their mingun, and let people shoot from on top of the humvee.  A big thanks to the Guardian Angel Group for the use of their helicopter.  They have multiple traning programs, including helicopter based program.  Please give them some love!  Visual Insight Media developed this video.  As always, they did a great job.  Please check out their slow motion video with Machine Guns.It was an amazing weekend.  Thanks to everyone that made it possible!


Machine Guns & Helicopters from Insight Visual Media Productions on Vimeo.

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